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The Last Shall Be First, There Is Hope

Every student has the potential to excel in Math given the right instructions, resources and guidance. Even the last in class can be first. Nothing is impossible!

Enjoy Math, No Dragging Of Feet

We understand the frustration that students face in their struggle to learn Math. Many lose the joy of learning and often sees a decline in their grades when they do not engage in something they enjoy. Miracle Math endeavours to instil the joy of learning in every student to help them be successful, both in academic and in life.

No Huge Class, No Lost Sheep

Feel lost in a huge class? A student may need to compete with many others to get help and have little interaction with the teacher. Miracle Math do not recommend huge class learning as what most tuition centres do. No lost sheep in our class!

Customized Game Plan

We offer a personalized education that is highly interactive with the teacher and among the students. Two is better than one, as the students can help each other to succeed and tuition is no longer boring. With a customized game plan for every student, we assure our students that if they stick to the plan, they will surely do well for Math.

Tuition Without Improvement = No Tuition

If a student goes for tuition and there is no improvement in results after some time, it would be a waste of resources for the parents, the student and also the teacher. As long as the student is willing to cooperate with us, it is impossible not to improve! Join Miracle Math and expect good results!


Miracle Math Tuition

“Before I joined Miracle Math I failed my mid year examinations in Secondary 2. Mathematics was the only subject that I had a problem with. I was one of the worst in Mathematics in my class. I was almost about to give up on Mathematics because I found it too difficult to understand. However, teacher managed to show me a different perspective towards Mathematics. She was extremely patient and would always ensure that I understood what she was teaching. Teacher made Mathematics very fun for me. Of course, my grades improved, but I never thought it would have improved so significantly. My F9 in my mid years turned into an A1 in my end of years allowing me to get into the stream that I wanted to. I am truly thankful to Miracle Math for believing in me and helping me achieve such great results.”
Balraj Singh Purba, St. Joseph’s Institution, Sec 2, improved from F9 to A1 for Math. Google Review, 2019.

“The best amath teacher!!!! Regardless of how tough/complicated/difficult the qn or concept is, she can definitely solve them and even explain in detail how the solution is derived till one understands it. Its ok to continually ask her how a concept works as sometimes certain topics like integration and differentiation can be rather hard to understand at first but fret not she will patiently go through all the formulas and is more than willing to give notes and even a lot of other schools papers for u to try (math needs a lotttt of practice). Thx to her i secured an A1 for my Amath O’level result !!! 🙂 Thank u Miracle Math!!!”
Sim Yan Yi, Anglican High School, Sec 4, A1 for O-Level A-Math, A1 for O-Level L1R5 subjects. Google Review, 2019.

Miracle Math Tuition

“Before i joined miracle math, my emath and amath were constantly stuck at either E8 or F9 🙁 even when i did according to what my previous 2 home tutors told me to do, i wasn’t able to improve. i wanted to drop amath because i couldn’t do it. however, joining miracle math helped me tremendously. teacher would go through the concepts patiently and would drill it into my head until i got it. i remember being the slowest in class and even did not have the courage to ask questions, but teacher helped me after class for possibly a few hours without charge & i think that’s how i improved so much!! even so, i remember every time she gave us homework she would say “do it not because u need to but because u want to !! “ and somehow it motivated me HAHA… nevertheless, i completed my O levels scoring A2 in emath and B3 in amath in just 5 months 🙂 would definitely encourage joining miracle math as not only did i get my desired results, my hatred for math changed to a interest in it !! THANKS MIRACLE MATH 🙂 ”
Jan Chua, Anglican High School, Sec 4, improved from F9 to A2 for O-Level Math, improved from F9 to B3 for O-Level A-Math. Facebook Review, 2020.

Miracle Math Tuition

“Before joining miracle math I hated math and have joined many math tuitions before that didn’t really help and improve my grades. My dad was very disappointed with my results and thought that tuition didn’t really help and it is a waste of money as I don’t learn and improve. After getting my psle results my mum knew that I needed math tuition for sec one so my mum found about miracle math and I went for it. It turn out to be a really fun and engaging experience! My teacher taught me lots of math concepts like prime factorization, algebra and many others. teacher is really nice and dedicated and like I treat her like a friend where I can share problems and stories to her. After a few weeks of tuition i improved leaps and bounds and even volunteered to be the math rep and started to love math after that. For my wa2 I got an 80/100 and wa1 did pretty well too so I got an a1 for combined. My parents were pretty pleased and my dad finally saw an improvement of my math! Those who haven’t sign up yet! Sign up now! I am very sure u will have an enriching experience! She’s one of the best math tutor u can ever find!”
Keira Mak, CHIJ Katong Convent, Sec 1, A1 for Math. Google Review, 2019.


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